The Ransom of Light

These hours are dangerous, when there is only the light we create to hold back the darkness, and somewhere between passion and madness is found the spark that tames the thunder and captures the wind and with them weaves symphonies, else these hours offer silence and hopes and dreams are allowed to wither and fade,... Continue Reading →

but for a breath

there are nights when the silence is deafening and agonizing in its remembrance; echoes of yesterdays unwritten suffocating in the emptiness beg for life in expression one word at a time, and you, in your silence, only ever a breath away....

The Wild

It's wild out there, and dangerous, a wilderness full of peril: the deep and dark woods, the jagged lofty mountains, the sweeping desert wastes, and open, endless plains; it's wild out there, among soaring glass spires standing over a web of asphalt and concrete and light; it's wild out there, in those places were shadows... Continue Reading →

October Light

October light-- a vicious elegance, a withdrawn luminescence setting the world ablaze in gold and crimson while casting long and determined shadows on the memory of summer's recklessness-- and I, in the hollow solace of a hallowed season, find myself a martyr for the sun...


I want the anguish Of the end that never comes, The feeling that tomorrow is Hanging onto today With an iron grip-- The same one shared between lovers Who refuse to let go When the storm rages strongest, Instead holding fast in their resolve To hold onto not just each other But also themselves as... Continue Reading →

Voiceless I seek an absolution, a betrayal of the sinner but not the sin, finding salvation in the faith of nothing and atonement in being the sinner I'm not.


It weighs us down, this past life we can’t escape. Not for lack of wanting have I tried to let go, not for lack of desire, regardless of this heart’s fire-- for only, if only, I could find the peace that comes with moving on, moving forward, and away from the chains of your love,... Continue Reading →


It weighs much, this life. The burden of blood and bone at times unbearable and a soul, wearied by wars it did not want, the onslaught of living that was not asked for, turns westward and to twilight, longingly gazing at the dying day and the peace that must surely wait in that place beyond... Continue Reading →

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