this darkness living and breathing becomes me; and though it is me I am not it, I am only a remnant of Light and the twilight of God, bound by the limitation of being, revealed as nothing more than eternity failed


I long for the peace that comes with dying: to fade into the afterglow of a life no longer wanted, to settle into the stillness and comfort of oblivion, drifting aimlessly and endlessly in the comfort of not being, unaware of my awareness, and blissful in the nothingness; but twilight holds me captive, and I... Continue Reading →

Comes Winter

This winter in its infancy settles on me, the weight of the cold reinforced by the lengthening darkness. I miss the warm summer evenings, when twilight would last forever, and tomorrow was unwritten and so far away, and I, in my innocence and the comfort of forever knew nothing of today.

Sonnet IV

And soft is the light that fading warms usin twilight’s glow as gentle night enfolds;the storm now passed has offered solace thus,and in its wake are moments we still hold.In whispered verse we free the aching soul,allow the spirit on the breath to fly,and loose the heart from its now tragic roleto seek adventure in... Continue Reading →


Master of dreams, maker of nightmares,holder of haunting horrors eternal,keeper of chaos, creature of twilight,lord of illusion, Lovecraft my friend. A verse for H.P. Lovecraft, in honor of his birthday.

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