Contain the void
and find it within,
undone by its making,
defined only by restriction:
speed moving with the
freedom of thought,
abstract intentions
enabling reason,
breathing light into life
where there was
only shadow before;
outward glimpses of
inward turnings
voiceless expressions
of things awoken,
casting color where
words are lost.

Seeking the Void

Seeking new landscapes
through new eyes,
a journey with
miles uncounted.
Borderlines crossed
are nonexistent,
definitions only
of a state of being.
Waking the dead
just to lay them to rest
we find new paths
where theirs ended.
Freedom in surrender
captures the essence
of letting go.
Defying absolutes
and escaping definition
is as much the destination
as is this moment.
Boundaries of time
contain only limitations
of all that has been
while leaving what is yet to be
waiting to be discovered.