Rain weary air gives way to fire laden breath, a soul escaping the confines of flesh and set free in exhalation of thought; into night on rising tides of fluttering light crowned in autumn hues it flies, upward to drift in an ocean of wonder bedecked with jewels of every color, each the keeper of... Continue Reading →


surreal the vastness of morning, awash in the potential of day; limitations set only by the refusal of motion wait to be cast away would it be so hard to imagine that in the haze of tomorrow lies a path of becoming today where hopes and dreams and so many other things are given the... Continue Reading →

not yet

barefoot on blades that bend and wave the comfort of earth and her embrace cool the green fades to grey 'neath indigo cloak that shrouds the day and laughing breezes carry evening from miles away peace, their whispers, strung across a gossamer sky, where dreams unfolding are set alight, as a world awakens and comes... Continue Reading →


Today will be yesterday soon enough, and tomorrow will always be tomorrow; there is naught but now and what has been, and the potential of what may be, and in our ending only have we any guarantee.

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