The Sin That Saves You

Earlier this year, my band, Salem's Childe, signed a deal with Pavement Entertainment that will see our upcoming record, "The Sin That Saves You," being released and distributed globally through Sony's The Orchard. Since then, despite the pandemic, we've been busy trying to get everything in place that has to happen for a release like... Continue Reading →


In 2012, the US Department of Veteran's Affairs estimated that an average of 22 veterans committed suicide every day. Recent estimates place that number closer to 20 a day, and while that represents a decline, it is still 20 too many. The -22- project is something I was invited to participate in as a photographer,... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Silence

And when the silence takes me all that will remain will be the empty echo of what never was straining in the background of a world that never noticed, a resonant dissonance lost in the decay of itself.


suffocate and embrace the hereafter; release and escape a world without laughter in silence it ends, the world I created, and I have become the thing I have hated and now, only now, is mine for the taking and I'm asking for freedom from a soul that is breaking


There is a certain peace that comes with knowing forever ends as it begins: Resolution to a quiet resolve where courage once failed offers hope where none is else offered. Epitaphs are only ever written as an afterthought, forgetting all but memory, and what will never be. So the poet writes his own, knowing what... Continue Reading →

Passing On

And silence, in all it's painful beauty, is what will remain when the echoes fade, and memories with them shall pass into nothing; only then, and only then, will I find my peace and in forgetting be forgotten, given to the Void and to Oblivion, only when nothing remains.

Taking the Black

Every mountain wears down, every storm loses its power, every fire dies. And I, alone in my place have endured all that I can, and limits have overtaken all that I am-- what's left is not enough of me, and all there is now is pain and scars that are not mine; so grant me... Continue Reading →

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