And quietly, the silence ensues,
hanging over us like rain,
vengeful in its persistence
and allowing only thoughts
of shade to consume;
and in it’s being I turn
as only I can, to that place
where the only answers offered
are the ones that I hide inside–
and in the void
I find the nothing I was looking for,
because here,
and there,
I have only myself.

Beautiful Scars

I found
the strength
to fall today
I found
the courage to break
and to be broken
by fear
I found
the will to stay down
instead of rise
and escape the pain
of more
I found
a way to watch
the last of me
give itself away
I found
that I could let go
and face this pain
as I should
I found
the strength
to fail today


I fight the urge to rise,
to get up one more time;
the will to fight,
the fire that drives,
My feet are weary,
my hands are scarred,
but the journey
is just beginning.
In the end
just one more step,
one more battle
will see me to
my destination
and then I will rest
and be weary no more.