El Salvador: Imagen y Palabra

Let’s start with a cliché: El Salvador is a country of stark contrasts. Cliché, but true. I suppose that could be said about most places in the world but given its status as one of the most dangerous countries in the world that isn’t an active warzone, I’d say it’s particularly true of El Salvador.... Continue Reading →

What’s In A Name

On Monday and Tuesday of this week I was honored with the opportunity to display some of my social awareness and humanitarian related photo work at the 8th Annual Indiana Campus Compact Service Engagement Summit. The ICC promotes socially and culturally aware social service and engagement, with a focus on developing leaders in the field... Continue Reading →


Meet Ricky. Looks like a happy guy, yeah? He was happy to talk and happy to let me take a couple photos of him, especially after my partner in Nova Vox handed him one of the sleeping bags we had to pass out to homeless people that night. This is the photo of all the... Continue Reading →

A Comment

Everyone's waging a war of the moment Modern crusades without thought component Movements led by priests and their zealots All for the cause and in praise of the harlot Destroy hate with hate without understanding Burn it all down we need a rebranding Sacrifice all to get rid of the one It's always the pacifist... Continue Reading →

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