For That Second

For that second you loved me,
that second of hope,
for that moment of light
when I was not alone,
for that touch of forever
washed away by this pain,
for that second you loved me…

…I’d do anything.

Inspired tonight by a piece of music that made me reminisce….

‘For That Second’ by Rob Scallon

Comes Winter

This winter in its infancy
settles on me, the weight
of the cold reinforced by
the lengthening darkness.
I miss the warm summer
evenings, when twilight
would last forever, and
tomorrow was unwritten
and so far away, and I,
in my innocence and
the comfort of forever
knew nothing of today.


A reminder of the night
            and all that was hidden therein,
the haze of the morning
            leaving no regret,
            hiding a multitude of sins.
The peace of that lie
            granting comfort, solace
            while the dawn in her glory
            washes away the looming shade.
Forgiveness is found
            in the blessed new day,
            where hope yet lives
            and new vices
            are yet to be discovered
            and atoned for.