I wasn't prepared for what you took away and how empty I would be when what was left was only what remained of colliding and shattered dreams; there is no salvation in a greyclad sky that's hanging by a thread threatening to reveal a soul plagued by a thousand sins in a heart left hollow... Continue Reading →

Comes Winter

This winter in its infancy settles on me, the weight of the cold reinforced by the lengthening darkness. I miss the warm summer evenings, when twilight would last forever, and tomorrow was unwritten and so far away, and I, in my innocence and the comfort of forever knew nothing of today.


Between this and that I am torn, caught in a moment passing from then to now                         to then and back again, while resolve waxes and wanes between thoughts and impulses rendered obsolete by indecision.

Winter Sky

How empty is the winter sky,bedecked in all its jeweled splendour?Vast and black the eternal expanse,cold and taunting in its radiance,promises of illuminationand whispers of inspirationare lost among the seas of stars,silent in their lonely vigil,even as I keep my own.They and I nightly dance,turning in eternity’s waltz,but nothing more thana wondrous gaze shall we... Continue Reading →

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