The Curse of Hope

Hope is insidious in its waning, lingering sweet like a sin, an unspoken prayer that betrays reason in defiance of looming inevitability while offering nothing more than a lengthening of the hours of a lonely vigil.

I Disappear

I disappear not because of you because of me because of this because of that for you Inside of me I retreat away from me away from us away from this and that Withdrawal without surrender with every regret and every reason why and why not because (there) is not an answer


silence no sin we lie on a blanket on the bank of a river of time floating, an ocean of words between us wild and free like the wind roaming eternity from the safety of here and now

The Weave

Tumbled streams of incandescence Fire and ice intertwined Probability reflected in impossibility An afterglow of unreason A relentless tide of endless seasons From a distance I can see the end of all things And in each one is the start of something new Filaments bound together By a flood of thought unraveling The tapestry of... Continue Reading →

Echoes of October

Echoes of October haunt me, lingering like the last gossamer strands of sleep after waking from a night of drifting on dragonfly wings, leaving only ghosts to illuminate a darkness that is heavy and uncompromising in its comfort; months away from a yesterday that will never come, I dwell now between this world and that,... Continue Reading →

The Journey

I refuse to let death be my life, for it is the only one that I have; I'll not worry about the end of my path, it will come soon enough, and getting there is the fun part.

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