I long for the peace that comes with dying: to fade into the afterglow of a life no longer wanted, to settle into the stillness and comfort of oblivion, drifting aimlessly and endlessly in the comfort of not being, unaware of my awareness, and blissful in the nothingness; but twilight holds me captive, and I... Continue Reading →

Passing On

And silence, in all it's painful beauty, is what will remain when the echoes fade, and memories with them shall pass into nothing; only then, and only then, will I find my peace and in forgetting be forgotten, given to the Void and to Oblivion, only when nothing remains.

Crossing the Abyss

Dark paths I tread carelessly beneath a shroud of falling skies, a wanderer a world away from where I have been and where I am going. There was light, once, to guide me, to show the path that led to the sea-- that vast expanse of the Abyss where a man, such as I, could... Continue Reading →

Taking the Black

Every mountain wears down, every storm loses its power, every fire dies. And I, alone in my place have endured all that I can, and limits have overtaken all that I am-- what's left is not enough of me, and all there is now is pain and scars that are not mine; so grant me... Continue Reading →

To Be… Or Not.

That is not dead which can eternal lie.And in strange aeons even death can die.  Immortality or oblivion? Are the two mutually exclusive polarities that cannot coexist, or are they like two sides of the same coin, united by defining each other? I'm probably gonna lose sleep on this one...

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