1060 W Addison

It was a train ride, a journey from sky to earth to sky and back again bound for a tomorrow becoming yesterday and another page in a book that only we would read. It was a day on a rooftop in the wind in April, cheeks rosy and chapped, the sun veiled in grey that... Continue Reading →

This place I never meant to find, this time I never meant to be in, holds me against my will and I linger longer than a moment in years gone past and lost; it's all I can do to not reach out, to stretch out from the lonely dark with fingers broken and bruised from... Continue Reading →


It is in those quiet, passing moments, when life is its most sudden and fleeting, awash in the afterglow of what has been and what is yet to be, when silent anticipation collides with memory that I lose myself to you, thankful for all that we are not, if only because it is yet to... Continue Reading →

I Am

An eternity, it seems, – or only a moment? –have I borne this burden,this work of sorrowceaseless in its being.Upon a fieldgrey and lifelessI am bound,and there I harvestthe newborn soul.Memory is not mine,only the knowingof what has beenand what must be,and that, for me,an eternity of beingis an end to the beginning.

Losing Sleep

This deafening silence drowns out the sound of the thoughts in my head, and urges on a ceaseless doubting of all that I am; awash in the shadow of a fading memory I lose sense of being while grasping at all that I have been.

The Road

Out there            free to get lost            free to find myselfnothing but the horizonand the memory of youbeckons.In here            lost in my thoughts            lost in my dreamsI hold onto the momentsthat help me find my wayback to you.I love the road            where I’m going            where I’ve beenand the world it gives mewithout and within.I count the... Continue Reading →

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