I'm holding on to nothing even though there's nothing to hold I step into the emptiness of a world I don't know Shattered belief and collapsing faith aren't enough for me to hold and I'm holding on to nothing But this nothing this nothing won't let me go

The Storm

Chaos consuming Colors collide Capture the essence Of being but not All as one And nothing defined Rapture of reason Unwritten by rhythm Restless and reckless Rending the senses


An overwhelming sense of being Weighing of this reality The will to be To live To breathe To die Broken And unmade And settled by this gravity   A crowded emptiness In the limitations of reason A focused point of entropy Expression becomes Its own hallowed season Forgotten in what used to be   What... Continue Reading →


A whispered breath on a heavy sighAn echoed prayer meets the skyA fallen angel rises                up to greet the stormAnd on the wind I hear            the words I need and more We’re living on borrowed timeI need Heaven to tell me whyThe moment lives carries me highI watch it rain in your eyesAnd then I... Continue Reading →

Find Me Free

Violent rending of all I believeMy world torn asunderDesperate escape from this shallow seaStill the current drags me underWrithing of a blackened soulA wretched beast ragesBreaking of a fragile wholeFreedom from these cages Liquid inertiaUnstoppable nowFind me freePotent regressionPrimal the soundFound in me Mystic the moment that the storm breaksChaos in glory reignsWicked the howl that the... Continue Reading →

Paradise Lost

What is Eternal -the source of referralThe point of endless no returnsWaxing and waning tides of CreationRift between Parent and ChildForever abyssal Tomorrow is waking -embrace the breakingOutline forever with time in handRecall the making -creator shapingNothing makes NothingNo-thing makes all Tomorrow never comes The Void so sacred -no room for hatredThe Vision’s worth much more than wordsRealms... Continue Reading →

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