The Curse of Hope

Hope is insidious in its waning, lingering sweet like a sin, an unspoken prayer that betrays reason in defiance of looming inevitability while offering nothing more than a lengthening of the hours of a lonely vigil.


I wanted to write tonight, to pull from the void an expression of the emptiness in me right now and tell you how I feel, to say something that mattered, that might make a difference, and change this moment for both of us; the problem is... the void is just that, and all I have... Continue Reading →

Of Prometheus

The deepest hours of night pale in comparison to the abyssal depths of the artistic mind--a place where things unsafe and unmeant to be lurk waiting to be given life, shades of the horrors of Man that fortunately find little more than glimpses of life as a sparks extinguished as rapidly as they ignite. And... Continue Reading →


It is the quiet settled on me that weighs the most, sharp and unbearable, a work of fire destroying the soul; there is no hell like this one, no furious torment to match it, but neither is there anything like the salvation that comes of solitude.

how the heart dies

You offered it, the hope I held on to, this sense of security and meaning, without my asking, without my wanting-- I reached for it, for what it meant, because you offered, because it mattered; but what I grasped was emptiness, lonely and cold-- abandoned after so many promises, so many offers; silence and waiting... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Silence

And when the silence takes me all that will remain will be the empty echo of what never was straining in the background of a world that never noticed, a resonant dissonance lost in the decay of itself.


This quiet is painful, restless, and it undoes momentum, creating an anxious stasis that leaves me unsettled but paralyzed, frozen by fear of the need to scream, to tell the world what's inside and to let out what was never meant to be except between you and I.


And quietly, the silence ensues, hanging over us like rain, vengeful in its persistence and allowing only thoughts of shade to consume; and in it's being I turn as only I can, to that place where the only answers offered are the ones that I hide inside-- and in the void I find the nothing... Continue Reading →

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