distracted and I can't think feel stop or go a frenzy of thought of being a thousand heartbeats out of time frantic and paralyzed by the impulse to live and die in a breath on the page upon this stage...


It beckons: a moment that's only a breath away, the space between life and death where living really happens; a chance, a risk, a rush, and the hope forgetting what brought me here, the thrill of the storm charging the blood, until the fire burns out and the sweetness of pain replaces the bitterness of... Continue Reading →

Passing On

And silence, in all it's painful beauty, is what will remain when the echoes fade, and memories with them shall pass into nothing; only then, and only then, will I find my peace and in forgetting be forgotten, given to the Void and to Oblivion, only when nothing remains.


...tick... tick... tick... ...each grain of sand as it falls, a counting, a measure, of a thing that isn't anymore than it is, laid out in the rhyme and reason of seasons and tides; and I, in my being, am not so different from the hourglass by which I am governed.


And quietly, the silence ensues, hanging over us like rain, vengeful in its persistence and allowing only thoughts of shade to consume; and in it's being I turn as only I can, to that place where the only answers offered are the ones that I hide inside-- and in the void I find the nothing... Continue Reading →

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