how the heart dies

You offered it,

the hope I held on to,

this sense of security and meaning,

without my asking,

without my wanting–

I reached for it,

for what it meant,

because you offered,

because it mattered;

but what I grasped

was emptiness,

lonely and cold–


after so many promises,

so many offers;

silence and waiting

are what I have now,

what I deserve,

for what I am

and am not,

the emptiness widening

and pain…

so much pain…

and this hope now

falters and fades,

and so must I.


and embrace
the hereafter;

and escape
a world without laughter

in silence it ends,
the world I created,
and I have become
the thing I have hated

and now,
only now,
is mine for the taking

and I’m asking
for freedom
from a soul that is breaking


The void internal:
an empty expanse,
only a reminder of what was
and now is not;

a loss of blood,
a loss of soul,
a loss of being,
remains the cold;

and there is nothing
to stop stop the egress
of a heart with nothing to hold it,
and protect it from itself;

if there was anything but this,
anything more than nothing,
that could save me,
the me that was you,
I would surrender,
but there is only

time that is not mine

and the void eternal.

Sonnet IV

And soft is the light that fading warms us
in twilight’s glow as gentle night enfolds;
the storm now passed has offered solace thus,
and in its wake are moments we still hold.
In whispered verse we free the aching soul,
allow the spirit on the breath to fly,
and loose the heart from its now tragic role
to seek adventure in wilder skies.
But for the night no dawn would we espy,
or hold as such a gift those precious rays
that burn away our deepest pain with light
and grant us hope of love and renewed faith.
In fading light, take comfort in the dark,
for morning soon will see life again spark.

Another attempt at the sonnet, using Spencerian rhyme scheme; written with thoughts of a hurting friend in mind.