Here where the only shadows cast are those we create, with only the weight of the world upon our shoulders, heaven still seems so far away, lost against the backdrop of yesterday's dreams as they're held hostage by tomorrow's tragedies; I'm reminded that the war between the heart and soul is nothing more than the... Continue Reading →


He pulled skin and muscle aside, his fingers finding the bone beneath as they tore their way through flesh. Working his fingers between the tight spaces, tendons and cartilage popped and snapped as it released from the ribs, which in turn creaked and groaned before finally breaking. He could feel the bone bend and fracture,... Continue Reading →


I wasn't prepared for what you took away and how empty I would be when what was left was only what remained of colliding and shattered dreams; there is no salvation in a greyclad sky that's hanging by a thread threatening to reveal a soul plagued by a thousand sins in a heart left hollow... Continue Reading →

A Poet’s Curse

Words, my only friends-- never betraying but which I give them, enemies of my own making; curse the heart that gives them soul, smother the lungs that give them voice, whither the fingers that give them life. Only silence is certainty. Only silence is safe.

Winter In Me

There is winter in me,a frost upon my soulAs my heart starts to freezeI learn to embrace the coldQuiet comes the dark,silent in its descentSmothered are the sparkswhere life once held eventIn this frozen decayheld empty and unforgivingThere is no hope of daynor hope of ever livingNot for me, this summer,nor the warmth of the... Continue Reading →


The war I wage is for my soul, unconquered by temperance, unyielding to reason. Passion my sin, love untempered my crime. Tragic is the burden of my heart’s fire, to love too hot and burn too bright, for in my yearning is found only pain, for ash is all such love yields. Tempered now, bound... Continue Reading →

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