Shotgun Silence

And when the silence takes me
all that will remain will be the
empty echo of what never was
straining in the background
of a world that never noticed,
a resonant dissonance lost
in the decay of itself.

Passing On

And silence,
in all it’s painful beauty,
is what will remain
when the echoes fade,
and memories with them
shall pass into nothing;
only then, and only then,
will I find my peace
and in forgetting be forgotten,
given to the Void
and to Oblivion,
only when nothing remains.

Identity Crisis

I forget myself sometimes,
what I am and what I am not;
but I never forget that I AM,
nor that I am not.
If was to be what I thought,
then maybe what is would not be,
and what is not would not hurt.
It’s this sense of being,
of you and I,
that has kept me from me
and the truth that I
am only what remains of us,
waiting for something
that will never be,
nothing more than
what I never was.
And I pray
that someday I will forget.