Rain weary air gives way to fire laden breath, a soul escaping the confines of flesh and set free in exhalation of thought; into night on rising tides of fluttering light crowned in autumn hues it flies, upward to drift in an ocean of wonder bedecked with jewels of every color, each the keeper of... Continue Reading →


Slender tendrils          drifting,          lifting, lazy on a summer's breeze give form to the invisible; from my lips to God's ear, a gift returned of simple life-- the shapeless given shape in fire's passing.

Taking the Black

Every mountain wears down, every storm loses its power, every fire dies. And I, alone in my place have endured all that I can, and limits have overtaken all that I am-- what's left is not enough of me, and all there is now is pain and scars that are not mine; so grant me... Continue Reading →


When dies the fire, it should not be allowed to dwindle into embers, each fighting for its last breath, for in this is sorrow, the anguish of light and life allowed to linger in pain, and with it passion dies; with mighty roar and great flare should the fire be allowed to die, meeting its... Continue Reading →


Fire your gift to meand now I burn,upon this pyremy heart laid bare,to be devouredby the flames,by your gift;exposed the soulfor what it isand what it is not –alive in our breath,and memory,only to diewhen both are lost,ashes consumedby the ghost of love.But if not for the spark,I would not burn,I would not be,and there... Continue Reading →


Rapture. 1. The agony of you, so sweet, so pure. 2. Bathed in twilight’s fire, clothed in blood and night, your reign of vengeance stirs me, kindles dying flames. 3. I am drunk on your beauty! As a sweet wine unto my soul is your love, so vicious, forbidden. 4. And yet I dwell in you and shall abide... Continue Reading →

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