The Curse of Hope

Hope is insidious in its waning, lingering sweet like a sin, an unspoken prayer that betrays reason in defiance of looming inevitability while offering nothing more than a lengthening of the hours of a lonely vigil.

Of Prometheus

The deepest hours of night pale in comparison to the abyssal depths of the artistic mind--a place where things unsafe and unmeant to be lurk waiting to be given life, shades of the horrors of Man that fortunately find little more than glimpses of life as a sparks extinguished as rapidly as they ignite. And... Continue Reading →


This quiet is painful, restless, and it undoes momentum, creating an anxious stasis that leaves me unsettled but paralyzed, frozen by fear of the need to scream, to tell the world what's inside and to let out what was never meant to be except between you and I.

Beautiful Scars

I foundthe strengthto fall today I foundthe courage to breakand to be broken by fear I foundthe will to stay downinstead of riseand escape the pain of more I founda way to watchthe last of megive itself away I foundthat I could let goand face this painas I should alone I foundthe strengthto fail today again


We dwell in the being of each other,only to find ourselves cut offwhen time and space are given freedomto grow beyond their boundaries.Where are the words that hold us togetherand break the silence that distance creates?Greater the ache when even in companywe find ourselves alone.

Losing Sleep

This deafening silence drowns out the sound of the thoughts in my head, and urges on a ceaseless doubting of all that I am; awash in the shadow of a fading memory I lose sense of being while grasping at all that I have been.

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