I wanted to write tonight, to pull from the void an expression of the emptiness in me right now and tell you how I feel, to say something that mattered, that might make a difference, and change this moment for both of us; the problem is... the void is just that, and all I have... Continue Reading →

how the heart dies

You offered it, the hope I held on to, this sense of security and meaning, without my asking, without my wanting-- I reached for it, for what it meant, because you offered, because it mattered; but what I grasped was emptiness, lonely and cold-- abandoned after so many promises, so many offers; silence and waiting... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Silence

And when the silence takes me all that will remain will be the empty echo of what never was straining in the background of a world that never noticed, a resonant dissonance lost in the decay of itself.

Morning Rain

Morning is filtered through a lens of blue and grey, the light scattered and broken by a falling sky; and the space between waking and sleep, where dreams linger before they die, envelops me in its embrace, but it is not you-- it is not you.


The void internal: an empty expanse, only a reminder of what was and now is not; a loss of blood, a loss of soul, a loss of being, remains the cold; and there is nothing to stop stop the egress of a heart with nothing to hold it, and protect it from itself; if there... Continue Reading →


There are holes in me now, empty spaces empty places that you've left behind; I struggle to fill them with hope and with light, and pieces of me that I've buried inside, but from nothing comes nothing, leaving nothing to hide.

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