The Journey

I refuse to let death be my life, for it is the only one that I have; I'll not worry about the end of my path, it will come soon enough, and getting there is the fun part.


Time gives way to the timeless Life gives way to death Form gives way to the formless Motion gives way to rest Weep not for me at my passing Mourn not that I finally sleep For death is no more than a passage From time to eternity


I long for the peace that comes with dying: to fade into the afterglow of a life no longer wanted, to settle into the stillness and comfort of oblivion, drifting aimlessly and endlessly in the comfort of not being, unaware of my awareness, and blissful in the nothingness; but twilight holds me captive, and I... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Silence

And when the silence takes me all that will remain will be the empty echo of what never was straining in the background of a world that never noticed, a resonant dissonance lost in the decay of itself.


It beckons: a moment that's only a breath away, the space between life and death where living really happens; a chance, a risk, a rush, and the hope forgetting what brought me here, the thrill of the storm charging the blood, until the fire burns out and the sweetness of pain replaces the bitterness of... Continue Reading →


There is a certain peace that comes with knowing forever ends as it begins: Resolution to a quiet resolve where courage once failed offers hope where none is else offered. Epitaphs are only ever written as an afterthought, forgetting all but memory, and what will never be. So the poet writes his own, knowing what... Continue Reading →

Passing On

And silence, in all it's painful beauty, is what will remain when the echoes fade, and memories with them shall pass into nothing; only then, and only then, will I find my peace and in forgetting be forgotten, given to the Void and to Oblivion, only when nothing remains.

Between The Angels And Me

Whisper a prayer for the dying,but keep it a secret and let it burnamong the stars of Heaven. Allow my soul to escapethe fetters of this mortal coil,and fly beyondthe limits of conception. And if, between this worldand the next, I am to be lostlet there be a fire litto help me find my way home.

My Time

My time is short, but it is mine, and in waiting for what may be, I lose what I have; do not make me wait, for I will not, for I cannot afford the loss of this moment when the next one isn’t guaranteed. I will take what I can hold, and this is only... Continue Reading →

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