Art: Portrait of Picasso

Charcoal portrait of Picasso

Charcoal on paper – portrait of Picasso


This is a charcoal portrait of Pablo Picasso that I was doing. Technically, it’s a work-in-progress, but someone who saw it in this state fell in love with it and ended up buying it as-is. This isn’t the full piece; it’s actually an 18″x24″ piece, with a lot of my grid marks and pencil guidelines still in place. But the client loved it this way, and I found some poetry in the piece this way as well, given the subject matter. There’s just something fitting about a portrait of Picasso, known for his abstraction and cubism, being portrayed in an unfinished piece.


Lines are drawn
and crossed,
and back again,
Dragging across
the pages of history
the poet’s pen,
sometimes skipping
and missing
but always
leaving its mark.
Shadows and shades
between the spaces
marking moments
that may be erased
and in time forgotten,
but still affecting
the canvas,
even if unseen.
Even the swiftest strokes
with purpose drawn
have their part to play.