This place I never meant to find, this time I never meant to be in, holds me against my will and I linger longer than a moment in years gone past and lost; it's all I can do to not reach out, to stretch out from the lonely dark with fingers broken and bruised from... Continue Reading →


this darkness living and breathing becomes me; and though it is me I am not it, I am only a remnant of Light and the twilight of God, bound by the limitation of being, revealed as nothing more than eternity failed


Rain weary air gives way to fire laden breath, a soul escaping the confines of flesh and set free in exhalation of thought; into night on rising tides of fluttering light crowned in autumn hues it flies, upward to drift in an ocean of wonder bedecked with jewels of every color, each the keeper of... Continue Reading →


It is the end of summer and thus the light dies; it is the end of ever, comes eternal night. A rebellion of being in a moment of faith, a question of answers and creator replaced; the worry of breathing when the air is this cold, when silence of chaos and its order unfolds. The... Continue Reading →


I wasn't prepared for what you took away and how empty I would be when what was left was only what remained of colliding and shattered dreams; there is no salvation in a greyclad sky that's hanging by a thread threatening to reveal a soul plagued by a thousand sins in a heart left hollow... Continue Reading →


It dies in an instant, the spark of hope, returned to the black from whence it came; light, unyielding, except to time, is out-shined only by darkness.

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