Time gives way to the timeless Life gives way to death Form gives way to the formless Motion gives way to rest Weep not for me at my passing Mourn not that I finally sleep For death is no more than a passage From time to eternity


this darkness living and breathing becomes me; and though it is me I am not it, I am only a remnant of Light and the twilight of God, bound by the limitation of being, revealed as nothing more than eternity failed


I long for the peace that comes with dying: to fade into the afterglow of a life no longer wanted, to settle into the stillness and comfort of oblivion, drifting aimlessly and endlessly in the comfort of not being, unaware of my awareness, and blissful in the nothingness; but twilight holds me captive, and I... Continue Reading →


distracted and I can't think feel stop or go a frenzy of thought of being a thousand heartbeats out of time frantic and paralyzed by the impulse to live and die in a breath on the page upon this stage...


It beckons: a moment that's only a breath away, the space between life and death where living really happens; a chance, a risk, a rush, and the hope forgetting what brought me here, the thrill of the storm charging the blood, until the fire burns out and the sweetness of pain replaces the bitterness of... Continue Reading →


The void internal: an empty expanse, only a reminder of what was and now is not; a loss of blood, a loss of soul, a loss of being, remains the cold; and there is nothing to stop stop the egress of a heart with nothing to hold it, and protect it from itself; if there... Continue Reading →


...tick... tick... tick... ...each grain of sand as it falls, a counting, a measure, of a thing that isn't anymore than it is, laid out in the rhyme and reason of seasons and tides; and I, in my being, am not so different from the hourglass by which I am governed.

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