The Curse of Hope

Hope is insidious in its waning, lingering sweet like a sin, an unspoken prayer that betrays reason in defiance of looming inevitability while offering nothing more than a lengthening of the hours of a lonely vigil.


I love the statement made in the art that is your soul the expression in your eyes when naked and bare exposing yourself to a watching world you lie to me and promise me sanctuary from the world from the storm from myself


radiance against the backdrop of a fevered night and now a morning draped in silvered silence awakens untempered dreams waiting to be wrought in the forge of tomorrow

I Disappear

I disappear not because of you because of me because of this because of that for you Inside of me I retreat away from me away from us away from this and that Withdrawal without surrender with every regret and every reason why and why not because (there) is not an answer


It is that resonant silence, this unsettling sense of what is to come, the internal roar held still by inertia, as I quietly come undone;   it is that moment of clarification just before the storm, the lie of peace, the long deep breath, the hope of the unborn;   it is the veil thinned... Continue Reading →

Out There

They call to me, those wild winds, caressing me with the delicate roar of life, like an oncoming storm in the eternal hours of summer twilight, all the while promising the freedom of "out there;" "Out There" beyond where sky and horizon embrace and dreams in their maturity are realized against the endless backdrop of... Continue Reading →


Though pages unwritten await their grace, words fail to find their voice; but we know what they are, and that should they ever be set free they would fall endlessly into the void between us.

War Dance

Unbridled Ebb and flow Of Chaos and Order   Primal Power plays of passion And feats of endurance Among the rising tide Anger and joy in unison   Fighting For each inch of ground Sacred space owned by none Owned by all And shared   Battlefield A killing field Where ego dies I die You... Continue Reading →

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