It’s A Dog’s Life

~3 million stories, each unique, no matter how similar to another. 3 million lives that interact and affect each other, most without ever realizing it or understanding that though they are but one drop in an ocean, there would be no ocean without every single one of them, and that each ripple caused by each... Continue Reading →

What Remains

What becomes of uswhen we walk awayfrom who we were?When we pause themoment that's keeping timefrom heartbeat to heartbeatand breath to breath?Or when we hold ontowhat is letting go?      Where do we gowhen we exhale –what do we leave behind?In the end, what is left,when there’s nothing left to give?

For A Muse of Fire…

When words falter, fail and fade,so too, the strings and fingers,the voice and ear,the pen and paper, ink and clay.All for a lost musewhose fire has gone coldand left me here alonewith nothing left to say, play, or create. Some days being god is easier than others.


Falling leaves, fading pages,forgotten dreams lost to the ages.Roads once travelled, rivers once sailed,ravens now those journeys hail.Once I was young, a world to see;where now the days that once set me free?Searching again, seeking my grailin song of the ravens, forgotten and frail.Gone is the sun, glory days past,given to fate, not meant to last.Flames... Continue Reading →

A Love Affair

How callous 'twould be if there were not pain in this moment of longing. But nay! No longing such as that of string and fret beneath mine hand have I known since before this night. And such a night! In the depth of winter the heavens cry and poureth forth their tears in joyous wonder at a... Continue Reading →

The Finer Things

A wisp of smoke, a sip of wine, a wheel turns, the clock unwinds.For a moment the mind's eye lives,vices invoke and vices forgive. In recent years I have begun to enjoy and really appreciate some of the 'finer' things in life - good cigars, good wine, good whiskey, good beer. I don't know if it's me moving into... Continue Reading →

The Grey

There is, I think, a certain peace to be found in a cold, rainy winter's day. Winter's burden borne by water,calm and cold it carries peace.Grim and grey the grip of winter,'neath another night's release.Flame now flickers, flares and flashes,settles and softens then soothes the day;A world awakened by winter's waningmust slumber still, waiting for sun's rays.

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