He pulled skin and muscle aside, his fingers finding the bone beneath as they tore their way through flesh. Working his fingers between the tight spaces, tendons and cartilage popped and snapped as it released from the ribs, which in turn creaked and groaned before finally breaking. He could feel the bone bend and fracture, and each snap and crunch was satisfying to him. He clawed his way through them, the slow beating of the heart they protected taunting him, luring him ever deeper. This was his prize and his torment, and he was so very close. So very, very close….

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I’m holding on to nothing
even though there’s nothing to hold
I step into the emptiness
of a world I don’t know
Shattered belief
and collapsing faith
aren’t enough for me to hold
and I’m holding on to nothing
But this nothing
this nothing won’t let me go