A New Year & A New Start

Photo by Rob Salem. Copyright © 2020 Rob Salem/The Stormworks


I’ve had this blog for a few years, but haven’t really done much with it the past year or so. The past couple, really. I’ve made occasional posts here and there, but with no consistency nor any mind towards developing the identity of this particular corner of the internet beyond what it’s been for a while now. Which is more than a little curious I suppose, since I’ve spent quite a bit of time the past year working on, developing, and refining my brand image for both myself and The Stormworks. I guess that somewhere along the way I’ve become so focused on the image appearance of a brand that I’ve forgotten about and neglected the most important part of that—the personality and humanity behind it. Which is more than a little ironic, given that a lot of my photo and video work is geared towards telling the stories of other people.

So anyway, to avoid belaboring the “I should have been writing and posting here more but haven’t been” point…

I’ve decided that it’s time to start using this blog again on a more frequent and purpose driven basis. I’m hoping to make a regular blog post on a weekly basis, and based on the current list of ideas I have, those posts will largely be musings on my personal journey as a photographer and filmmaker, sprinkled in with whatever the Muse inspires me with otherwise. Of course, I’ll be posting photos, videos, music, and poetry and other stories as they happen.

I’m also in the process of updating/revising my other online presences and how I utilize them (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Patreon, and of course the .coms), and hoping for greater integration between them without just making everything a copy/paste of another platform.

So… here’s to a new year, new goals, new adventures, new projects, and a start over in ways that go far beyond just another random blog on the internet. Whether you’ve stuck with me this long or are new here, thanks for being part of my journey, and I look forward to what’s coming next and sharing that with you.

I know, I know… how cliche, right? I’m a simple guy. Or at least try to be…

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