I want the anguish
Of the end that never comes,
The feeling that tomorrow is
Hanging onto today
With an iron grip–
The same one shared between lovers
Who refuse to let go
When the storm rages strongest,
Instead holding fast in their resolve
To hold onto not just each other
But also themselves as one soul;

I want the bittersweet aftertaste
Of a night that should have never ended,
Awash in the cool glow of
An ever after that never came,
Passing instead like absolution
Leaving us naked and alone with ourselves;

I want that word unuttered that says nothing
While revealing everything:
The one that tempts me,
Seduces me with the promise
Of being less of myself and more of you;

I want the shared breath
Between fire and rain, earth and sky,
That piece of life so fleeting yet full,
Prone to being caught and held
And even forgotten
In the space where you and I collide;

I want an eternity that will die with us
On the promise that there is always another tomorrow,
With nothing from here to there except us;

I want to find out what was what will be…