It weighs us down, this past life we can’t escape. Not for lack of wanting have I tried to let go, not for lack of desire, regardless of this heart’s fire-- for only, if only, I could find the peace that comes with moving on, moving forward, and away from the chains of your love,... Continue Reading →


It weighs much, this life. The burden of blood and bone at times unbearable and a soul, wearied by wars it did not want, the onslaught of living that was not asked for, turns westward and to twilight, longingly gazing at the dying day and the peace that must surely wait in that place beyond... Continue Reading →


It is resolution hanging in the air, out of reach but you can see it there, the fall back to them because only they know, it’s the words they don’t offer and the torture of hope: the hope that there is a line that yet exists, the chance that those feelings yet persist, that they... Continue Reading →

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