Cutting Loose

You don't have the heart to miss me Or the strength to let me go Hanging from the threads of my soul Ragged and wrapped around your fingers There isn't much left that you can take away But still I dangle from the ends of fraying hope At least I had the courage to fight... Continue Reading →

Of Passion

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. - The Sith Code I find myself at odds with my passions often enough these days. Not so much that I have them, but that I subject others to them. I once subdued them, and it made me miserable. I didn't write. I didn't play. I didn't... Continue Reading →


Maybe we'll find each other again In another time or place Beneath a new sky with new horizons A new world where all can be as we hoped Maybe we'll find that peace between us That once existed between earth and sky The one where lovers were friends And words could do no harm Maybe... Continue Reading →


Basking in the twilight hues Of dulled senses embracing An unwelcome darkness A victim of defiant hope Washed away in the afterglow Of faded stonewashed memories Confusion replacing the certainty Of knowing who and what I was, And now I am only What I have been made A product of my own making Or so... Continue Reading →


Whisper my name one more time and remind me I’m alive, move me with but a breath and let me touch the sky; a thousand words have lost their worth and on fields barren lie, but for the mercy of your voice a thousand more could fly.

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