A Comment

Everyone’s waging a war of the moment
Modern crusades without thought component
Movements led by priests and their zealots
All for the cause and in praise of the harlot

Destroy hate with hate without understanding
Burn it all down we need a rebranding
Sacrifice all to get rid of the one
It’s always the pacifist holding the gun

But we in our mercy and tolerant ways
Have banners to carry and standards to raise
Convert or die, repent and be saved
You’re part of the problem if you’re not with the grain

History’s death comes under the heel
As does the soul if you differently feel
Balance of power swings with the mob
Revolution means heads come off

And on the winds of sweeping change
Ashes and dust are all that remain
Of the fires and pyres that raged untamed
We’ll never learn not to do it again

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