Just Passing Through

We dance in shadow and light,
and we are but shades
defined between them,
endlessly turning
as time passes around us,
between and earth and sky
that will never meet;
and in the shape of light
is found a glimpse of forever,
though it too is fleeting,
naught but another reminder
of all that the dark is not.

Identity Crisis

I forget myself sometimes,
what I am and what I am not;
but I never forget that I AM,
nor that I am not.
If was to be what I thought,
then maybe what is would not be,
and what is not would not hurt.
It’s this sense of being,
of you and I,
that has kept me from me
and the truth that I
am only what remains of us,
waiting for something
that will never be,
nothing more than
what I never was.
And I pray
that someday I will forget.

Midian Unmade Amazon Listing

The Amazon page for Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed is up. The book is being published by Tor Books in hardcover next July, and will have my short story, ‘Rook,’ among its contents. Looks like pre-orders are available now.