Taking the Black

Every mountain wears down, every storm loses its power, every fire dies. And I, alone in my place have endured all that I can, and limits have overtaken all that I am-- what's left is not enough of me, and all there is now is pain and scars that are not mine; so grant me... Continue Reading →

Sonnet VII

In slumber I seek my solitude; for a moment's peace among the aether I would offer all that my soul has viewed, and only ask that I be allowed to in stillness lie; I adore the lights and colors of the stage, but weary I embrace the curtain's fall, and would that it were a... Continue Reading →


...tick... tick... tick... ...each grain of sand as it falls, a counting, a measure, of a thing that isn't anymore than it is, laid out in the rhyme and reason of seasons and tides; and I, in my being, am not so different from the hourglass by which I am governed.


And quietly, the silence ensues, hanging over us like rain, vengeful in its persistence and allowing only thoughts of shade to consume; and in it's being I turn as only I can, to that place where the only answers offered are the ones that I hide inside-- and in the void I find the nothing... Continue Reading →

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