Album Review: Fivefold – Hold On

My review of Fivefold’s EP, ‘Hold On,’ for The Forge.


Hold On

Fivefold - Hold On
Fivefold – Hold On



Review by Rob Salem


Veterans of the St. Louis underground, rock band Fivefold delivers a quality set on their 6-song EP, Hold On. The album reflects the maturity that you’d expect from band that’s been together for 7 years, slowly working its way into being one of the biggest local draws in its hometown. The songs are well written, and while the track ‘Step Back’ offers itself up as the most-likely radio single, every track on this EP is an attention getter. From the introspective ballads ‘Til Death’ and ‘Hold On’ to the energy-driven ‘Falling Into Circles’ and ‘Liars’ to the blunt and angry ‘Worst Mistake,’ Fivefold’s sound is consistent with much of what’s going on in modern rock, yet there is a gritty edge to it that suggests that if these guys wanted to get really heavy they could, and would be perfectly comfortable doing so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fivefold ends up in the mainstream in the near future,and I’m already looking forward to hearing what they come up with next. If you’re into edgy rock that very carefully walks the line between the mainstream and underground sounds with intelligent, well-crafted lyrics and music, then Hold On by Fivefold is definitely an album you’ll want to check out.

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