Publishing News: Midian Unmade

I’m excited to announce that my short story, ‘Rook,’ has been accepted for inclusion in the upcoming anthology, ‘Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed,’ being published by Tor Books in the fall of 2014. The anthology is being edited by Joseph Nassise and Del Howison, and looks to include several other great authors that I am honored to be published with.

‘Midian Unmade’ picks up where Clive Barker’s novella ‘Cabal’ left off, after the destruction of the necropolis Midian, home of the monstrous Nightbreed. The stories of ‘Midian Unmade’ will feature tales of the Nightbreed as they find their way in a world that doesn’t want them. Needless to say, this is exciting and huge news for me, and I can’t wait until the book is published.

Reason For The Season

Reason for the Season


What child is this that begs for more

when beneath the tree he sees the floor?

When all the presents are unwrapped

and the carolers have sung their last?


Do we blame the marketing

when it starts before Halloween?

Or do we blame the parenting

that bows before the industry?


Remember not the real reason

that we celebrate this sacred season

Forget the love, forget the peace

forget the gifts we really need


The only giving we should do

is of the dollar from me to you

and judge each other by our net worth

Forgetting to buy peace on earth




Just some modern Christmas spirit.

Killing God

All in its potential
until it is seen
There was Nothing
until I opened my eyes
A moment of Light
and limitation
Reality is as All is not

Becoming undoes
what might have been
Conception destroys
what cannot Be
Darkness awakened
made self-aware
This is how God dies