Publishing News: Midian Unmade

I'm excited to announce that my short story, 'Rook,' has been accepted for inclusion in the upcoming anthology, 'Midian Unmade: Tales of Clive Barker's Nightbreed,' being published by Tor Books in the fall of 2014. The anthology is being edited by Joseph Nassise and Del Howison, and looks to include several other great authors that... Continue Reading →

Killing God

All in its potential until it is seen There was Nothing until I opened my eyes A moment of Light and limitation Reality is as All is not Becoming undoes what might have been Conception destroys what cannot Be Darkness awakened made self-aware This is how God dies


Token gestures that ring hollow and empty, little more than an afterthought in a world in which I don't belong - a world that doesn't want me, except as a convenience that's good enough for now but not for tomorrow; and in emptiness I find myself, while wondering what I'll lose - in silence echoes... Continue Reading →

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