Beautiful Scars

I found
the strength
to fall today
I found
the courage to break
and to be broken
by fear
I found
the will to stay down
instead of rise
and escape the pain
of more
I found
a way to watch
the last of me
give itself away
I found
that I could let go
and face this pain
as I should
I found
the strength
to fail today


Around me
            a revolt of life
                        and sound
                  the fury of being
            and the peace of
                        home –
                        in the center,
            surrounding me,
                        stillness in motion,
                        an easy calm;
                                    passing through this                 
                        veiled existence
            in a revolution
of being who I am
            there is


In you I find my undoing,
void of being sought
in the chaos of living;
that you have chosen me
and allowed me to be
all that I am not,
and carried me past the edge
of all I thought I was
makes me yours.
And I am yours,
as I am,
to you
in your embrace,
and the anger
of your love,
and the mercy
of your wrath.