Beautiful Scars

I foundthe strengthto fall today I foundthe courage to breakand to be broken by fear I foundthe will to stay downinstead of riseand escape the pain of more I founda way to watchthe last of megive itself away I foundthat I could let goand face this painas I should alone I foundthe strengthto fail today again


There are holes in me now, empty spaces empty places that you've left behind; I struggle to fill them with hope and with light, and pieces of me that I've buried inside, but from nothing comes nothing, leaving nothing to hide.


Around me            a revolt of life                        color                        and sound                  the fury of being            and the peace of                        home –                                     you,                        in the center,            surrounding me,                        stillness in motion,                        an easy calm;                                     passing through this                                         veiled existence            in a revolutionof being who I am            there is                        you.


In you I find my undoing,void of being soughtin the chaos of living;that you have chosen meand allowed me to beall that I am not,and carried me past the edgeof all I thought I wasmakes me yours. And I am yours,as I am,surrenderedto youin your embrace,and the angerof your love,and the mercyof your wrath.


I witness my own unmaking through eyes that have seen the Abyss; the Void, eternal in its nothingness, has claimed another vessel, and in becoming what I am Not I have found what I Am.

Sandalwood (revised)

airand earthsweetand coolbreath draws meinto a memory: ...timesuspended... a world forgottenin an embraceof beingthat only lovers know;decadencein simplicityand the perfectionof a moment sharedand the remembranceof her skin ...and moments pass... ambient gravityholds me adrifton a lazy breeze A revision of an earlier posted poem.    

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