The Forge

The Forge


About a month ago I started hosting a weekly radio show on Indiana University Kokomo’s internet station, Radio Free Kokomo. I’ve been featuring the best unsigned/independent/underground local and regional rock and metal from Indiana and the surrounding states. What started as an hour long show with just over a dozen bands quickly became a 2 hour show with over 80 bands on the roster, and more submit everyday.

You can listen to The Forge for free at, airing every Thursday at 1PM EST.

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An overwhelming sense of being

Weighing of this reality

The will to be

To live

To breathe

To die


And unmade

And settled by this gravity


A crowded emptiness

In the limitations of reason

A focused point of entropy

Expression becomes

Its own hallowed season

Forgotten in what used to be


What if?

Is and is not

Potential in its being

Manifest in the asking

Undone by its becoming


What I have

What I hold

All that I

Must let go


And in myself

Find myself free

A Thousand Miles

It starts the moment I turn away

and look to the horizon;

A world away it seems I feel

before I’m ever even gone.

A thousand miles,

forever from here to there,

every day away one day closer to you.

And after I’ve gone where I’m going

and done what I’ve had to do,

the road behind me comes around

and in that moment

I know

I’ll find my way

home again.