cut the Thread       the ties that bindnever eternalexcept in their unraveling refuse the connectionresist the beginning        that sees only the coming end seize Fateand take the chancethat All in its endingis as it should be

The Forge

  About a month ago I started hosting a weekly radio show on Indiana University Kokomo's internet station, Radio Free Kokomo. I've been featuring the best unsigned/independent/underground local and regional rock and metal from Indiana and the surrounding states. What started as an hour long show with just over a dozen bands quickly became a... Continue Reading →

The Storm

Chaos consuming Colors collide Capture the essence Of being but not All as one And nothing defined Rapture of reason Unwritten by rhythm Restless and reckless Rending the senses


An overwhelming sense of being Weighing of this reality The will to be To live To breathe To die Broken And unmade And settled by this gravity   A crowded emptiness In the limitations of reason A focused point of entropy Expression becomes Its own hallowed season Forgotten in what used to be   What... Continue Reading →


Gone is the gold that fell through my fingers fleeting in its fullness as I stared into sapphire skies. I miss the kiss of the pale moon and the tender touch of her gentle light keeping me comfort in my night.


The end of forever in sight, on just a moment's notice, the struggle to capture the light the burden of the poet. When tomorrow fails and we're not what we were, eternity unveiled is all I'll have of her.

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