Out There In Here

Out there I am free,no bonds to hold me,no cage to bind me,no weight to hold me down;only the weightof light to guide me,only the freedomof thought to move me,and I’ve only to rememberthat out thereis in here.

I Will Not Wait

I will not waitfor the storm to pass,nor for the lightto pierce the darkness;I will not waitfor the night to end,nor for the rainto cleanse my spirit.I will not waitfor the wordthat’s not coming,nor for the hopeof tomorrow’s ending.I will not waitfor this life to be lived,if alone I must take this path –I will... Continue Reading →


We dwell in the being of each other,only to find ourselves cut offwhen time and space are given freedomto grow beyond their boundaries.Where are the words that hold us togetherand break the silence that distance creates?Greater the ache when even in companywe find ourselves alone.

I Am

An eternity, it seems, – or only a moment? –have I borne this burden,this work of sorrowceaseless in its being.Upon a fieldgrey and lifelessI am bound,and there I harvestthe newborn soul.Memory is not mine,only the knowingof what has beenand what must be,and that, for me,an eternity of beingis an end to the beginning.

Help Me Forget

Release the fettersthat bind me to you,cut the tetherthat makes one out of two;erase the momentsfrom my memory,the ones I reliveeach night in my dreams,and grant me the peaceof a quiet heart –  set my soul at ease,allow this pain to depart.

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