Today will be yesterday soon enough, and tomorrow will always be tomorrow; there is naught but now and what has been, and the potential of what may be, and in our ending only have we any guarantee.

What Remains

What becomes of uswhen we walk awayfrom who we were?When we pause themoment that's keeping timefrom heartbeat to heartbeatand breath to breath?Or when we hold ontowhat is letting go?      Where do we gowhen we exhale –what do we leave behind?In the end, what is left,when there’s nothing left to give?

The Ties That Bind

What is it           that holds you and I together? What is it that we are?            That we aren't? Those things of you             and of I             that make us who we are                         separate                         different                         independent                         alone            are the same things            that make us                         one                        ... Continue Reading →

My Time

My time is short, but it is mine, and in waiting for what may be, I lose what I have; do not make me wait, for I will not, for I cannot afford the loss of this moment when the next one isn’t guaranteed. I will take what I can hold, and this is only... Continue Reading →

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