Sanitarium Issue #009 available now.

Sanitarium #9


Sanitarium Magazine’s latest issue, #009, is now available from Eye Trauma Press. Featuring several great short stories, dark poetry, and reviews, Sanitarium Magazine is quickly becoming a must-read ‘zine for fans of horror.


Publishing News

Dagda Publishing's 'Western Haiku: A Collection'

Dagda Publishing’s ‘Western Haiku: A Collection’


I’m proud to announce that 4 of my short poems will be included in Dagda Publishing’s anthology, ‘Western Haiku: A Collection.’ Proceeds from sales will go to charity to assist the UK Mental Health charity, Scope. Dagda will be making an official press release this Friday (May 17) which should include purchase details.

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There are a thousand moments in every reason,
and in every moment a thousand reasons;
and in weighing now the moment before me
I find this moment with no reason of weight.


…a thought passes,
lingers, and dies,
but only for a moment…

Falling Away

But for my soul
I’d have nothing left,
and even that
I have given away
to a nameless muse;
my heart has been bled
upon the page
and in whispers
tithed to a pale goddess,
bathed in scarlet
by my own hand.
And should the shadow
consume what remains
after I have given all
I pray that in the chaos
of the void
I may find myself again.

Sonnet VI

But for the soulless spirit I pour out,
there’s only now the faded blood stained page,
a work of fire that offers only doubt,
in motion on an empty unlit stage.
And when the music rises with the lights
and waiting players silent take their mark,
I pray a simple whisper in the night
that flesh and blood renew a dying spark.
And if there’s time before the curtain falls
I only ask that simplest mortal sin:
to know that at the end I’ve given all,
and my name be known for what I’ve given.
And if the end is where I find my peace,
for naught, I hope, has been this life’s release.


If only we could be
more than the ghosts that we are,
fragments of light
reflected in a shattered mirror,
fading into ash
as Eden decays around us.