Broken Window

Outside looking in is not what I thought it would be – a pale reflection ghosts still alive silently haunting me. Shards of glass betray my secrets, pieces of my soul; words unuttered abused and misplaced forgetting what they hold. I see what passes for time before me, on whisper-thin thread, and through the window... Continue Reading →

Losing Sleep

This deafening silence drowns out the sound of the thoughts in my head, and urges on a ceaseless doubting of all that I am; awash in the shadow of a fading memory I lose sense of being while grasping at all that I have been.


From my brow falls the last of my inspiration, exorcised by a quickened pulse, and I am finally spent, naught but my breath feeding me life and the strength of the spirit to persevere, as resolute as only a corpse can be.


She hums,             resonating,             still vibrating, though it can’t be heard now, not by us, but it was there, alive, just a short while ago when sound was tangible, when fingers             danced upon her neck –             pressure             release             pressure             release             and held by the stroke of the hand.... Continue Reading →

Sonnet V

I bleed, but not the crimson hue of blood,though scarlet are my wounds as they are read;each painful cut I make lets loose a floodof words aflame too quickly from lips sped.And through the pen that draws my breath from meon currents bold my soul is thus laid bare,and flows the spirit that I must... Continue Reading →


Vivid and alive are the dreams that haunt me, granting me no peace in my wakefulness nor my slumber; beauty suspended by my fears tempts and torments, specters taunting me with visions that must fade.

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