Breaking through these boundaries, absolution comes with conditions; purgatory haunting me a self-imposed freedom of limitation that binds us to each other, me unto my Self, until I am only that which I Am: I.


Undone in my beginning,entropy's pawn am I,a work of fictionunfolding with eachpassing decay;unwritten in my fullness,becoming means my end,from whence I camewhither I go,never to be again.


It wasn’t so simple,the way you said it,only perfect and pure,innocent and honest;a whispered prayerof silence and motionechoing around us.Words unspokenyet not left unsaid,eternally presentand endlessly open,captured and freedby a lingering touchin a moment held  and longed for again.


Contain the void and find it within, undone by its making, defined only by restriction: speed moving with the freedom of thought, abstract intentions enabling reason, breathing light into life where there was only shadow before; outward glimpses of inward turnings voiceless expressions of things awoken, casting color where words are lost.

Dies the Fire

I whisper to the worldwords uneasy for me,except when offeredonly to you, thoughnow I find they falland fail at carryingthe meaning of the moment,and mark now my faults;and I find before mea fate unwindingagainst my will,without designand though I struggleto stand this lineI wonder at whatthe world will thinkof the hero who fallsfrom lack of... Continue Reading →

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