Seeking the Void

Seeking new landscapesthrough new eyes,a journey withmiles uncounted.Borderlines crossedare nonexistent,definitions onlyof a state of being.Waking the deadjust to lay them to restwe find new pathswhere theirs ended.Freedom in surrendercaptures the essenceof letting go.Defying absolutesand escaping definitionis as much the destinationas is this moment.Boundaries of timecontain only limitationsof all that has beenwhile leaving what is yet... Continue Reading →

Piercing the Veil

Is there in death            any life to be found?Or is there only            what was            as it remains            in our being            as we have yet            to become?


…and suddenlythe rushpulls me forwarddrags me underout of controlat breakneck speedthe further we gothe faster we’re fallingwhite-knuckletowards the end;heart-pounding pacethat pushes the edgepushes the limitpushing us onthe closer we getthe more colors blurand I lose sight of the linesdriving me onand I forget where I’m goingwhite-knuckletowards the end…

Before the Dawn

Before the dawncomes deepest night,when hope is dimand seems forgotten;but patience and faithwill see the veilburned awaywhere earth touches sky.A spark rekindlesthe flame of dayand quickly fadesthe gloom and grey,giving way to a futureawash with light and color.And the spirit riseson the horizon,eastward facingwhat may yet be,a soul sheddingthe shroud of nightand looking to the... Continue Reading →

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