Sonnet IV

And soft is the light that fading warms us
in twilight’s glow as gentle night enfolds;
the storm now passed has offered solace thus,
and in its wake are moments we still hold.
In whispered verse we free the aching soul,
allow the spirit on the breath to fly,
and loose the heart from its now tragic role
to seek adventure in wilder skies.
But for the night no dawn would we espy,
or hold as such a gift those precious rays
that burn away our deepest pain with light
and grant us hope of love and renewed faith.
In fading light, take comfort in the dark,
for morning soon will see life again spark.

Another attempt at the sonnet, using Spencerian rhyme scheme; written with thoughts of a hurting friend in mind.

2 thoughts on “Sonnet IV

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  1. Sadly, words sometimes dont ease pain when its of a deep nature. It’s like trying to feed someone who has no appetite. Words of comfort go right past them when the grief or dejection is profound.

    I have to remove myself from pain when it is relentless and I find comfort in the company of those who are gentle and loving.

    Thank you for being compassionate to your friend. I hope your effort has some impact….on another person this piece would be absolutely enchanting to recieve.

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