Not with shamedo I bear my scarsnor with prideare they worn –each was earnedon its own fieldand I owe themwhat I’ve sworn.Some long fadedstill ache at times,less of the fleshand more in the soul;those the deepestwere wrought in the stormsbetween you and Iand remind me I am old.Those on the surfacebetray the secretsso carefully hiddenbeneath... Continue Reading →


This sudden realitywasn't so sudden –it was always there,just not alwaysas it is now:veiled and cloakedbehind a wall of lightradiant and full,naked in its splendor,a truth hiddenonly by perception.

Your Light

Your light was notas bright asI believed it to be,but I allowed myselfto be blinded by it;I caught the sunand held it for a momentand even in burningI held onto a hopemisguided and misplaced,dimmed by darkening skiesand the frailty of reason.I only sought truthin your illuminationand to share the peacebetween artist and Muse.Instead I foundI... Continue Reading →


Look out and seebeyond yourselfand the walls that you’ve built; offer only thatyou're willing to receivewithout condition; vanish doubtand uncertaintywith hope and faith; earn what you wantby freely giving the samewithout being asked.


Remember wellwhat I try to forgetthose things we sharedI don’t want to regret.Whisper my namewhen you hear those wordsand echo the lyricswhen that melody’s heard.Miss me in momentswhen you want timeto slow down and stopand imagine you’re mine.And when it is coldwith no warmth to be foundhold onto dreamsno longer boundby the burden of loveor... Continue Reading →

…Not To Be

From nothing we cometo nothing we go -we are merely tidesin the ebb and flowof creation unfolding;the progress of artin its natural state,the process of beingcarrying its weight…entropy upholdingwhat waswhat isand what will not be.

Sonnet IV

And soft is the light that fading warms usin twilight’s glow as gentle night enfolds;the storm now passed has offered solace thus,and in its wake are moments we still hold.In whispered verse we free the aching soul,allow the spirit on the breath to fly,and loose the heart from its now tragic roleto seek adventure in... Continue Reading →

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