Not with shame
do I bear my scars
nor with pride
are they worn –
each was earned
on its own field
and I owe them
what I’ve sworn.
Some long faded
still ache at times,
less of the flesh
and more in the soul;
those the deepest
were wrought in the storms
between you and I
and remind me I am old.
Those on the surface
betray the secrets
so carefully hidden
beneath the skin;
they crack and they bleed
and echo the cries
of a thousand nightmares
mirroring my sins.
My scars I’ll keep
to remember me by
as I wither
and my spirit fades;
I wear them with joy
at having lived
and loved,
thankful for the pain.

Your Light

Your light was not
as bright as
I believed it to be,
but I allowed myself
to be blinded by it;
I caught the sun
and held it for a moment
and even in burning
I held onto a hope
misguided and misplaced,
dimmed by darkening skies
and the frailty of reason.
I only sought truth
in your illumination
and to share the peace
between artist and Muse.
Instead I found
I was the light
in your shadow.


Remember well
what I try to forget
those things we shared
I don’t want to regret.
Whisper my name
when you hear those words
and echo the lyrics
when that melody’s heard.
Miss me in moments
when you want time
to slow down and stop
and imagine you’re mine.
And when it is cold
with no warmth to be found
hold onto dreams
no longer bound
by the burden of love
or what you once knew,
just forgive me the sins
I’ve made against you.