sometimesI writeand I mean what I sayno pretenseno metaphorno hidden agendaonly the wordsthemselves as they're writtenletter for letterand only in context sometimesthey becomemore than I wantedmore than justwhat I meant them to beand get lost in a contextI didn't createand they forgetwhat they weresupposed to be


A whispered breath on a heavy sighAn echoed prayer meets the skyA fallen angel rises                up to greet the stormAnd on the wind I hear            the words I need and more We’re living on borrowed timeI need Heaven to tell me whyThe moment lives carries me highI watch it rain in your eyesAnd then I... Continue Reading →

Find Me Free

Violent rending of all I believeMy world torn asunderDesperate escape from this shallow seaStill the current drags me underWrithing of a blackened soulA wretched beast ragesBreaking of a fragile wholeFreedom from these cages Liquid inertiaUnstoppable nowFind me freePotent regressionPrimal the soundFound in me Mystic the moment that the storm breaksChaos in glory reignsWicked the howl that the... Continue Reading →


There is a place between dark and light –A place of shadow onlyAnd in that place where color diesThe fullness there is lonelyA world alive I’m watching dieThe fire turns to ashesI fight to sleep, there I can dreamStill, the mirror crashes


There is the sun and there is the moon each in their turn traversing the sky. But for the sky there is the earth offering foundation beneath its vast expanse. And for the earth there is the sky embracing her for all that she is and all that she is not. And between them is... Continue Reading →

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