And I linger in the moment,
frozen by the finality of it all,
hanging on the hope
that it’s not really over,
that there’s more to come.
Savage and brutal
was the release,
but it wasn’t unexpected:
slow was the rise,
intense and elegant,
deliberate in its fury,
setting the stage
for what was to be.
Nothing was so perfect
as the way it began:
innocence forsaken,
voluntarily cast aside,
tempting Fate while
invoking the Muse
to spite the odds.
Somewhere between
before and after,
control was lost,
or maybe it was taken;
to who, from who
doesn’t really matter –
just that it was
as it was meant to be.
And all at once
there was surrender,
violent in its making,
a lesson learned in pressure.
Neither of us forgiving,
only holding on too tightly,
fighting to catch our breath
without losing each other.
But now, in the afterglow,
there is only you and I
and what we used to be
only a moment ago.

3 thoughts on “Afterglow

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  1. Soooo endearing your writing is! It is so beautiful and touching — I am driven to tears by the poignancy of this story. Turbulent moments of desire and now the ashes of defeat…reminds me of a lamenting Aria…sadness like this brings one to question why love does not fight for itself…why do you suppose this is?

    Works like this need to be published in a storybook of the greatest passion told.

    Somewhere somehow it needs to be in PRINT ~

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