The struggleto find a placeto make a dentto be seento be heardto make my wayand not be lostforgottenunknownanother facewithout a namenot for fameor wealthjust tomake a differenceand leave my markon a worldthat doesn’t know me.

Winter Sky

How empty is the winter sky,bedecked in all its jeweled splendour?Vast and black the eternal expanse,cold and taunting in its radiance,promises of illuminationand whispers of inspirationare lost among the seas of stars,silent in their lonely vigil,even as I keep my own.They and I nightly dance,turning in eternity’s waltz,but nothing more thana wondrous gaze shall we... Continue Reading →


I fight the urge to rise,to get up one more time;the will to fight,the fire that drives,fading.My feet are weary,my hands are scarred,but the journeyis just beginning.In the endjust one more step,one more battlewill see me tomy destinationand then I will restand be weary no more.

To the Bottle

The pain of loss,of being wrong,that moment I wantto take back.Forgiveness isn't coming soon,or so it seems,and so I runto the bottle,yet again. Staring up at Heavenfrom the bottom of a glass,questioning my choices,even as I make them,questioning my fate,even as I make it,I see only the clouds I've cast,the rain I've made,and the worldI've forsaken. All... Continue Reading →


The urge to go –just get up and go –to leave this life behind;to chase the wind,to follow the stars,to see what I can find. This constant acheno sudden longingfor the freedom of the road;the primal callof ancient pathsresonant in my soul. Adventure waits,horizons beckon,restlessly I sleep;morning brings hope,evening sorrow, andtwilight inspired dreams. The path beforeno different nowthan... Continue Reading →

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